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Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco - Revolutionary Love: Live at Big Blue

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Celebrate the release of Ani’s 22nd studio album 'Revolutionary Love' with a full concert from Ani, Terence Higgins, and special guest Ivan Neville. Ani and the band perform energetic live versions from the new album along with classics from the Little Folksinger canon. Newly remixed and mastered from the original livestream event. Full album download and CD include bonus tracks "You Had Time" and "Life Boat" that were recorded in the same sessions.

To purchase the film version of the concert please find on Vimeo exclusively:


1. Play God

2. Gravel

3. Simultaneously 

4. Chloroform 

5. Contagious 

6. Bad Dream

7. Crocus #1

8. God's Country

9. Allergic to Water

10. 32 Flavors

11. Metropolis

12. Do or Die

13. Revolutionary Love

14. Crocus #2

15. Swan Dive

16. You Had Time*

17. Life Boat*

*bonus tracks