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Peter Mulvey

Peter Mulvey - Vinyl There Is Another World

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Mulvey's 18th release and second on Righteous Babe Records. Produced by Todd Sickafoose, and featuring Jenny Scheinman, Eric Heywood, Rob Burger, Idit Shner, Johnny Rodgers, and Todd Sickafoose.  

The thirteen tracks of the record amount to a remarkable, brief, potent stab. Alienation, loss and heartbreak, all are rendered lucid, even beautiful, in the bright-dark sideways light of deep winter. It is also a story of renewal, through close attention and a determined stillness, a piercing gaze toward detail and an opening toward simple acceptance of what is.

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Release Date: 2/15/2019


1. The Fox

2. Who's Gonna Love You Now?

3. When I Was In Monaghan

4. Fool's Errand

5. False Indigo

6. Beckett Was A Bird Of Prey

7. Strayaway

8. To Your Joy

9. Nickel and Dime

10. Henry's Only Daughter

11. All Saints' Day

12. The Cardinal

13. Owl