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Ani DiFranco

Not A Pretty Girl Vinyl

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You asked for it, you got it. Not a Pretty Girl is newly re-mastered for vinyl from the original studio tapes and available for the first time ever on vinyl.. This 2 record set includes re-imagined cover artwork, lyrics printed on the inside gatefold and a download card for the re-mastered tracks. 

Up close and personally political, Rolling Stone raved about Not A Pretty Girl “DiFranco clearly has a full emotional palette at her fingertips…one of the few artists around who can really paint the rainbows”  

Ani's thumping bass under her percussive guitar grooves are in themselves undeniable but pair that scene up with Andy Stochansky's drums/backing vocals and you have a killer record (the kind where at least one song makes it onto every mix you will make from now on). Yes, these are the songs Ani's audience freaks for.

Memoir and melody are just two of the ingredients in Not A Pretty Girl's potent spell. Ani's voice soars around the sonic skyline she paints with her guitar, percussion and studio production. Fourteen lyrical stories rise up like a Phoenix, a New York City bus ride, on the gallows facing execution, the edge of a dock at sunset, a gas station rest room – songs about living and loving in a country that's being sold off from underneath her feet (well not if she can help it…) Her deftly delivered poem "Coming Up" clarifies: "and whoever's in charge up there had better take the elevator down and put more than change in our cup or else we are coming up".

Performed with the ferocity of her live shows this song collection is both guttural and buoyant: "Shy", "Not A Pretty Girl" and "Million You Never Made" are just a few packing punches. "Sorry I Am" is heavy on the heart stings as is "32 Flavors", a song that ends in a show stoppin' percussive jam.

"On Not A Pretty Girl, I wanted to really scale down sound to its essence," Ani Says. The result is not only essence but essential as well. Don't lend it to a friend cause you won't get it back.

Hair: shaved underneath, braids on top

Tattoo note: Pre-chest tat, last time you'll see the one on the back of the neck for a while

Love: good when you are crushed out or crushing someone out.

Misc: This might be the first record you are able to recite every lyric from and name each song by two notes. Seriously.

RBR: A 25 year-old CEO, making headlines, selling out venues coast to coast, and independent distribution in US and Canada.

AKA: The purple one