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Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco-Like I Said

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Have we met somewhere before? If the track info of Like I Said (songs 1990-91) looks familiar it is because it is! You many recognize these songs from such places as Ani DiFranco and Not So Soft. But no, you say, similar yet different, what does it mean??? Why these old friends have had themselves a makeover and now they're decked out in all sorts of pretty instruments. Recorded in 1993, this song compilation hosts new arrangements, lots of musicians and the favorites of yore (well, 1991-92).

Ani adds to her own acoustic guitar and vocal accompaniment with dumbek and dulcimer. A handful of musicians play a variety of sounds from a plethora of instruments ranging from piano to didjeridoo. "Rush Hour" welcomes the addition of violin, "Not So Soft" is a percussive landmine, and "Work Your Way Out" expands its layers of richness with cello. "The Whole Night" is like a whole other night, one with drums from Mr. Andy Stochansky. And what would "She Says" be without the bagpipes? You just can't go back.

Like I Said is beautifully reminiscent and sonically vibrant. It combines the quiet intimacy of a solo record with the ecstatic flare of newly constructed folk punk arrangements.

Hair: Nope.
Sound: Folky.
Guitar: Yep, acoustic and smiling on the front cover.
Dulcimer: Borrowed apparently.
Art: Nice black and white photos, some we've seen, some we haven't / handwritten lyrics
Additional Players: Andy Stochansky – drums, percussion, Ahmed Hassan – udu, didjeridoo, caxixis, Brian Eckenrode – cello, bagpipes, Scot Fisher – accordion, piano, and Michael Miskuly – violin.
AKA Like She Said

"Subtle but marvellous...DiFranco's growth as a thoughtful, expressive singer informs the delicate, intimate reconsiderations."

 Released: October 1993

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