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Gracie and Rachel

Gracie and Rachel - a whisper becomes a shout (ep)

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The three song EP from Gracie and Rachel delves into the bare bones of 'Hello Weakness, You Make Me Stronger.' 

"this is the first fully self-produced collection of songs we’ve put out, and it feels incredibly full circle to get to share them with you in these reimagined, revamped ways.

these three songs, “trust (a whisper)”, “speak (a whisper)”, and “undo (a whisper)” were originally conceived as rather intimate songs but became more highly produced in the studio during the making of our album. and while we love how the songs evolved to be, we wanted to also honor these tunes for what we feel they are at their core: whisper songs.

this is our nod to saying bold things quietly, to turning the answer into the question. all song and album titles are lower case, all imagery is self-made. this is our effort to understate the more overstated songs off our record, to whisper the shouts, one word and note at a time, directly from us to you."

--Gracie and Rachel

1. trust (a whisper)

2. speak (a whisper)

3. undo (a whisper)