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Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco New York, NY 3.30.1995

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This album takes it back to Barnard College in 1995! Maybe you were at this show and always wanted a copy. Or perhaps you didn’t get the tour postcard and missed it. Or maybe you just want to hear Ani play some old school Prince- we have you covered with this album!

This show marks the first time Ani performs her current set list staple, “Napoleon”. It also has some rare and underplayed gems like “Asked You First.” It has Andy Stochansky. It has banter. It has poetry. It has hand percussion. Oh and did we mention Ani covers “When Dove’s Cry”?

So instead of trying to fill your void of the 90s with crop tops and oversized flannels, try this out for a spin.

Physical album contains 2 discs of music and packaging drawn up by the little folk singer herself.

Both Hands
 Buildings And Bridges
 Asked You First
 32 Flavors
 Letter To A John
 Face Up And Sing
 Crime For Crime
 Cradle And All
 Not A Pretty Girl
 The Million You Never Made
 The Diner
 In Or Out
 My IQ
 Not So Soft
 When Doves Cry
Total Time: 1:27:39
Release Date: December 17, 2015

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