Lilli Lewis's New Album 'All Is Forgiven' Available Now For Pre-Order

Lilli Lewis's New Album 'All Is Forgiven' Available Now For Pre-Order

We are excited to announce the forthcoming Lilli Lewis album ‘All Is Forgiven’ available now for preorder for December 1 release.

‘All Is Forgiven’ is a powerful and moving musical exploration of forgiveness. The album is a collection of songs that unveil her multifaceted process, from the pain of betrayal to the relief found in absolution. Lewis's voice is both vulnerable and powerful - her lyrics are honest and wholehearted. 

“You don’t write an album called ‘All Is Forgiven’ unless you have plenty to forgive.”

This album is testament to Lewis's personal journey, spawned by what she believed would be a standout era in her career. Lilli, also known as the Folk Rock Diva, says those years of her life had actually felt “not unlike a cliche country song: lost my job, lost my dog, etc. Despite all the magic that was hurling my way, it was a truly difficult time of isolation and sadness for me. I wrote the songs almost in a dreamlike state, and I didn’t find out until later that the songs were there to help me get back up.”

‘All Is Forgiven’ helped Lilli walk her path, and stands as a powerful reminder that healing is possible. 

Pre-Order 'All Is Forgiven' via the Righteous Babe Records Store Here.

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