Announcing Jess Nolan's Sophomore Album '93, out today!

Announcing Jess Nolan's Sophomore Album '93, out today!

We're thrilled to announce that Jess Nolan's sophomore album '93 is out today!

With an intention for listeners to feel grounded from its first moment, ‘93 is meant to be a meditation, bringing a sense of rootedness in its execution. “The process of recording this was relaxed,” Nolan recalls. “It’s the safest I’ve ever felt while creating something.”

In an age of autotune and click tracks, Nolan and her co-producers, Will Honaker and Ross McReynolds, pursued a much more collaborative, organic approach. In December 2021, the trio, along with the help of musicians Calvin Knowles and Zachariah Witcher, set about building the tracks together live in their two-room studio, Camp Senia. The sessions were spread over the course of half a year, bringing in more dear friends who lent their talents to the process. During sessions, Nolan’s friend, Rebecca Wood, would pull up her catering mobile halfway through the day to provide a fresh and nourishing meal. The atmosphere of the album came from an open and spiritually full place.

Listen to the album here. 

And make sure to watch the official music with for "Sweet Like A Peach," a single off the record. 

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