This Week at Babeville 5/29

We have been slacking on our weekly label posts and with Ani not touring you think we would have nothing but time on our hands but there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes, running the venue keeps us on our toes, and currently we're working on a new website redesign for Babeville, getting a new live bootleg ready, and losing our awesome spring intern things are crazy busy around here.  The good news is these projects are coming together and we have an awesome new intern Stephanie who just started with us for the summer- hooray for interns!

Lately we haven't been able to get enough of all the awesome new music releases- from Laura Marling to Camera Obscura to Eleanor Friedberger (who also happens to be playing our lil' ol' venue next week!!!)  We are in music heaven!

Incidental Comics by Grant Snider makes us smile everyday with gems like this





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