post election thoughts from the folksinger - preventing the trumps of the future

i hope we wake up on december 19th from this nightmare and the electoral college has done its job (the job which it is there to do, the job which supposedly justifies its existence), the job of saving us from extremes such as fascism (which the ignorant masses can accidentally wreak upon the world). i hope all the many people who stand to suffer if they instead install trump in the oval office (against the popular vote... déjà vu!!) will not actually be made to suffer. i really really hope.

trump is the embodiment of patriarchy. that is why every daddy wants to hug his daughters right now. patriarchy in its extreme is chilling. the tricky parts of masculine nature (dispassionate... individualistic... mono-focused) lead to violence, domination and exploitation in their extreme. racism is a symptom of patriarchy. the destruction of the environment is a symptom of patriarchy. fascism is a symptom of patriarchy. sexism is how patriarchy gets laid.

it's cool people are talking about sexism. it's cool that, at least, in these most trying times, people are smelling the dung of the elephant in the room. it's a good sign that people are wrinkling up their noses and turning away. but we are still avoiding talking about patriarchy.

the real lesson here (and everywhere) is that women need to be at the table. every table. not just one or two every blue moon, but all the time. for any of the earth's political and social problems to be resolved, the full spectrum of human nature and intelligence must be in the resolution room resonating with itself.

the gender who lives the mortal experience of

your body IS my body

my blood IS your blood

are (by nature) focused on relationship and extremely compassionate. these aspects of feminine nature (known as emotional and illogical when they get tricky) are the very reasons that were given back in the day against women's suffrage. the voice of patriarchal society and government was right about that one. women are emotional creatures. but they were wrong about that being a bad thing. it is the very thing that is needed every time the fate of the world gets decided.

let’s stop thinking about men and women for a second here and confusing ourselves. think about our contrasting left brain/right brain intelligences and how they relate to gender. think about patriarchy and feminism and the way any human can embody either. think about masculine and feminine nature and how they interplay within ourselves and within our society. do you feel the imbalance of power and position that is at the basis of everything? do you?

reach inside yourself. do you agree that women should have equal voice in government and culture and society? then please, let's actually address patriarchy and the true emancipation of women. it will require first and foremost reproductive freedom.

by reproductive freedom i mean:

we must legislate a path to a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every birth is safe, every family is supported, and every young person has the opportunity to realize their potential. we need laws insuring women's civil rights. this is the first step to women gaining true agency and empowering themselves on par with men. we need an amendment to the constitution.

abortion is a problem the way immigrants and voter fraud are problems. the way gay marriage and gun regulations are a problem. they are problems invented by the right to divide us and compel us to vote against our own interests. women are not dependents on society. hence, we should not be controlled and treated as children. women are active contributors to society and society must respect and trust women to know what's best when it comes to their own reproduction. recognize that any man, if it were him, would insist on nothing less. recognize that there is a whole area of civil rights that only apply to women and that we’ve barely begun to realize this institutionally or culturally.

let us support the strongest and brightest members of our legislative bodies in the next 24 months, the bernie sanderses and elizabeth warrens, the kamala harrises, cory bookers, and tammy duckworths, in holding the line and fighting back against insanity. let us get serious about the midterm elections that will come in just two years and VOTE DAMMIT! we have 720 days to build the necessary momentum to paint congress blue again. in the meantime, let us love and care for each other and dedicate ourselves to fighting racism and xenophobia every single place we encounter it.

and finally, let us not just push back against the attacks that are coming against roe v. wade, let us ultimately push all the way in the other direction to the reproductive freedom act. it will represent nothing less than the first step to preventing the trumps of the future.

- ani

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